Northern Cardinal Review |
February 2016
Love’s First Balcony Scene

Synchronized Chaos |
June 2014
“Struggling with Words”
“Walking the Figure Eight”
“A Prophesy of Black Holes”

Cleaver Magazine |
issue 7

Tipton Poetry Journal |
v.26 (page 52-53)
“Splash and Shatter”
“Young Woman”

Grasslimb |
v.12, n.1 (Print-Only)
“Between Blizzards”

Grasslimb |
v.11, n.2 (Print-Only)
“Still Life”

Wilderness House Literary Review |
January 2014: v.8, no. 4
“Splash and Shatter”
“Cascade the Generations”
“The Settings of Stones”

Third Wednesday |
Spring 2013 (Print-Only)
“Still Life”

Tuck Magazine |
February 2013
“Evolution: Part 1”
“Finding our Place”

Curio Poetry |
Issue 10

Tidal Basin Review |
Spring 2012 (page 7)
“The Edges of Light”

Decades Review |
Issue Two
“Waking Up Together”

Front Porch Review |
Vol. 4 (January 2012)
“The Light Within”

The Meadowland Review |
Fall 2011 issue (page 5)

Poetic Medicine |
New Voice series

Mused |
Fall Equinox 2011 Issue
“The Love Between Trees”
“Summer Evening Stroll”

The Montucky Review |
August 2011

Fogged Clarity |
April 2011 Issue

Citron Review |
Spring 2011 Issue

Pot Luck Magazine |
Winter 2010 Issue (Print-Only)
“The Wind Over Ground Zero”

Blue Lotus Review |
Winter 2010 Issue
“The Seam”
“The Terms of Sorrow”
“Rural Auction”

Ascent Aspirations |
September 2010 Issue
“These Confounded Desires”

Apiary |
Summer 2010 Issue
“Between Blizzards”

Foundling Review |
Volume: July 2010, Issue: 2

Writers’ Bloc |
Issue 13, July 2010
“My Two Hearts”
“The Random Wind”

Creek Road Gang |
June 2010 Issue
“Early Morning Prayer”
“Hometown Departure”

Yes, Poetry |
Issue 3, May 2010
“Walk Off the Earth”

Concise Delight |
Summer 2009 (Print-Only)
“Looking through the Big End of the Telescope”
“Camp of Dreams”
“Unfinished Business”

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