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Blue Lotus Review: “The Seam,” “The Terms of Sorrow,” and “Rural Auction”

My poems “The Seam,” “The Terms of Sorrow,” and “Rural Auction” are now online with Blue Lotus Review’s Winter 2010 issue. You can read them there or here:

The Seam

The late summer beaches are vacant,
but the water is still warm
beneath the chill that I am breathing.

Drifting on my back
about this Northern tree-lined lake,
my mouth is all that breaks
the surface,
all that holds me above
the murky floor.

I glide under shaking limbs.
Ears muffled, my eyes read the wind
in the swelling feet of waves,
and the trees, in tacit unison,
seem to send
the impulse of flight to leaves,
just as fleets of tropical fish
in zoo tanks know when
to flash obliquely away
from the spectators
who stand and stare.

Along this seam,
I merge with the currents.
Blue lips to the sky,
I am floating
somewhere in autumn.

More: “The Terms of Sorrow” and “Rural Auction”


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