Writers’ Bloc: “The Random Wind” and “My Two Hearts”

My poems “The Random Wind” and “My Two Hearts” are now online as part of Issue 13 (July 2010) of Writers’ Bloc. You can read them there or here:

The Random Wind

It would happily topple ancient trees
as spread the seeds of saplings.

Clouds shred like white caps at sea, or sit
like lilies in lagoons on languid days.

Our common medium of sound and breath
may one moment bring us nothing
but the lonely scrapes of leaves,

or following us around the bend,
it may please us indiscreetly:
gently lifting the hair off
someone’s shoulder
or the skirt it goes beneath.

My Two Hearts

This alpha-omega inside my chest
wants its steady rhythm
and nothing more:
It would march me like a drumbeat
from pillow to pillow
with familiar protocols and bowties
precisely in the middle.
It wishes me a mellow, two-step dance,
proper punctuation,
a healthy liver, and a level floor.

But I will not be shaped
by this monotonous hammer.
My true heart has never
been up my sleeve.
I’ll go where my passions take me,
till this cold clock between my lungs
turns on me in rage
and throws me to the ground I stand upon
to make me pay.

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